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Since last century, traditional medicine has been playing a major role in providing healthcare to mankind. Traditional and complementary medicine is getting more popular in our community for the purpose of healing diseases and healthcare. The Malaysian government is striving to develop this field further since our country has an abundance of natural resources that could be developed into health products.

Traditional and complementary medicine will become an important component in our healthcare system that will improve the level of health and quality of life of Malaysians in concern with modern medicine.

The Ministry of Health, Malaysia (MOH) has taken positive and proactive steps to make sure traditional and complementary medicine is of high quality and safe to used by the consumers.

The ministry is supporting any effort to integrate traditional and complementary medicine with modern medicine and planed to introduce it into our national health system.



Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division (T&CMD), Ministry of Health was gazetted under Research and Technical Support in February 2004. Early recruitment started in 1st December 2004 at Institute of Medical Research (IMR) for about 2 weeks. In 16th December 2004, T&CMD started operating at 2nd floor Block E, Jalan Cenderasari, Kuala Lumpur. Then, T&CMD was divided into Administration & Finance Section, Policy & Development Section, Practice & Registration Section and Training Section. Later on, 2nd floor was renovated to accommodate additional number of staffs. In year 2007, 3rd floor was given to T&CMD for Research Unit and Inspectorate & Enforcement Section which have been formed to conduct research and to coordinate surveillance activities in Traditional and Complementary Medicine practices.

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