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On 11th January 2006, the Cabinet has agreed with the proposal of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to create a T&CM unit in MOH facilities which aim to combine selected Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) with the national health care system. T&CM Unit established in selected government hospitals in order to implement this integration. Three hospitals were selected in the first phase of the pilot project. As of July 2017, 15 hospitals have been successfully combines T&CM practices with the national healthcare system. Currently, there are seven (7) modalities of T&CM practices offered in T&CM units of government hospitals, namely:


  1. Traditional Massage for chronic pain and stroke
  2. Acupuncture for chronic pain and stroke
  3. Herbal Therapy as an Adjunct Treatment for Cancer
  4. Traditional Postnatal Care
  5. Shirodhara
  6. External Basti Therapy
  7. Varmam Therapy

Buat masa ini, perkhidmatan PT&K yang ditawarkan diunit PT&K fasiliti kesihatan kerajaan adalah terhad untuk indikasi tertentu sahaja iaitu:


Perkhidmatan PT&K


Traditional Massage

(i) Chronic Pain



Herba Onkologi

Herbal Therapy as an Adjunct Treatment for Cancer

Traditional Postnatal Care

(i) Urutan Kesegaran Postnatal

(ii)Penjagaan Perbidanan


(i)  Insomnia

(ii)  Stress or mental fatigue

(iii) Anxiety

(iv) Mild depression

(v)  Headaches

External Basti Therapy

Kati Basti (Lumbar)

(i) Lumbago

(ii) Lumbar Spondylosis

(iii)Inter-vertebral disc prolapsed

(iv) Sciatica


Greeva Basti (Cervical)

(i) Kesakitan dan

(ii)Cervical spondylosis


Janu Basti (Lutut)

(i) Kesakitan dan

(ii)Osteoarthritis pada bahagian lutut

Varmam Therapy

Cervical Spondylosis

Lumbar Spondylosis

Osteoarthritis of Knee

Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)



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