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Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practices Section


The Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Practices Unit is one of six units under the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division (T&CMD), Ministry of Health Malaysia. In general the role of  this unit is to:

1.   Coordinate submissions of new practices; and
2.    Coordinate the development of existing traditional and complementary medicine practices

This Unit is composed of two subunits with specific roles which are:

1.   Practice Development Unit

  • Develop Practice Guidelines which are to be used in T&CM Units located in government hospitals;
  • Conduct reviews on existing Practice Guidelines;
  • Provide advisory services regarding T&CM practices; and
  • Collaborate with other agencies in conducting studies with regards to T&CM practices

2.    Practice Assessment Unit
  • Conduct thorough assessments on T&CM practices in regards to efficacy, safety and quality;
  • Conduct service evaluation and patient satisfactory surveys to review services that are offered in T&CM Units in government hospitals;
  • Coordinate collaborations in the development of T&CM practices to be more Evidence Based.

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