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Policy and Development Section


The Policy and Development Section is one of the 5 sections under the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division (T&CMD), Ministry of Health Malaysia. The main function of this section is to develop policies and to implement the T&CM practices that are proven to be safe and effective into the national healthcare system.

 The Head of Policy & Development Section oversees 2 units under this section. The names and roles of these units are:


Development Unit

  1. Planning on the expansion of T&CM Services
  2. Monitoring on T&CM services in public healthcare facilities
  3. Identifying, planning and establishing T&CM unit in public healthcare facility and ensuring the operation of the unit is on schedule
  4. Coordinating agreement for T&CM services in public healthcare facilities
  5. Monitoring in related to T&CM practitioners in public healthcare facilities
  6. to coordinate the collection of data and reports associated with T&CM services in public healthcare facilities
  7. Monitoring the implementation of T&CM services in T&CM unit of public healthcare facilities
  8. Planning on the establishment of T&CM branch office and monitoring the existing T&CM branch offices
  9. Role as a focal point in related to issues and policies with the T&CM practitioner associations 

Policy and International Relations Unit 

  1. Role as T&CMD Parliamentary Coordinator
  2. Responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of health policy and T&CM related roadmap planning in Malaysia
  3. To coordinate matters relating to the T&CM legislation
  4. To establish strategic cooperation to strengthen international collaboration in the field of T&CM
  5. Role as an advisor to international issues related to T&CM
  6. To manage international delegation visits programs or bilateral meetings in the field of T&CM
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