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Inspectorate and Enforcement Section


The Inspectorate and Enforcement Section is one of the 5 sections in the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia. It was established on 1st of June 2007. The Inspectorate & Enforcement Section now consists of 3 units namely Operations & Intelligence Unit, Complaints and Investigation Unit (with Exhibition as subunit) and Legislation & Prosecution Unit.


Operations and Intelligence Unit

Plan and coordinate educational visits to Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) practitioners to create awareness on T&CM Act 2016. The unit also coordinates the Briefing on the T&CM Act 2016 and the Responsibilities of Registered Practitioners.

Complaints and Investigation Unit

Receive and act on complaints related to T&CM.

Appoint an investigating officer to conduct investigation on complaints related to advertisements.

Exhibition Subunit

Plan and coordinate promotion and consumer education (for example exhibitions).


Legislation & Prosecution Unit

Plan and coordinate training programs on enforcement activities as well as prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and guidelines in preparation for the full enforcement of T&CM Act 2016.

Appoint prosecution officer to mention case.


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