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List of Designation of Practitioner Body



Designation of Practitioner Body Recognized Practice Areas
1 Gabungan Pertubuhan Pengamal Perubatan Tradisional Melayu Malaysia Traditional Malay Medicine
2 Persatuan Tabib Tionghoa Malaysia Traditional China Medicine
3 Pertubuhan Perubatan Tradisional India, Malaysia Traditional India Medicine
4 Majlis Pertubuhan Homeopathy Malaysia Homeopathy
5 Gabungan Pertubuhan Perubatan Komplementari dan Alami Malaysia Chiropractic and Osteopathy
6 Persatuan Perubatan, Pengubatan dan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia Islamic Medical Practice


In the ongoing process of enforcement of the T&CM Act 2016 by phases, the following orders have been gazetted and published:

The Traditional and Complementary Medicine (Designation of Practitioner Body) Order 2020 was gazetted and published on 27 February 2020


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